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Come let's go commit a sin Because Allah is All Forgivin' For man can  at time be slippin' Beware of this treacherous Jinn Iblees boss of Shayatween
Lures you to transgressions  Makes beautiful bad obsessions Corrupting all beautiful intentions Misguided many past nations Most cursed among creations
Tomorrow we'll surely repent Or maybe tonight when it's silent Surely we have sincere intent Let's go to this one fun event And have a day well spent
It's a trap he'll make you forget Repent before it's too late Forget him he's full of hate Ignore him to save your fate Allah cursed him to date
The struggle of good and bad Whatever we follow is so sad
However much mean We choose to go and sin
So we can't blame him When we stand before HIM [ALLAH]


What if I told you something  So wonderfully comforting A great miracle so sparkling One that will NEVER be boring 
My words may be underrating This man; a complete blessing  Yes, it's about a human being A MERCY TO ALL MANKIND 
His love way beyond any logic So great beyond any statistic A man who makes easy any topic His spit was a cure to what's toxic
Peace and Blessings upon him Swadiqul Ameen they called him From the noble clan of Banu Hashim Clinging to his teachings is my dream
Before being revealed the word Iqra He loved being in the cave Hira Isolated seing only fauna and flora Then the miraculous journey of Isra
He lived a life of complete fascination  The epitome of positive inspiration  With a final masterpiece revelation  The last Messenger of creation
The most humble man all patient Had companions who never lament Followed his requests never to relent He prayed to Allah to allow us to repent
I cannot describe him any further For the very fear of being unfair
To a …


Many of us struggle for our career Am not an exception to be sincere Let me drop my concern right here And tell you about all that I fear
I fear meeting my only Lord, ALLAH With deeds that direct to Hells road After all the true warnings I ignored Before doors of repentance closed
I fear the dark desire of flesh and skin I fear my level of ignorance in deen Altering what life is supposed to mean I fear for my future generations and kin
Marry to control the desire of skin For that leads to unspeakable sin And may deny one a view so serene Jannah; Allah bless us with it Ameen
For deen one needs a lot of courage If I want to raise kids of knowledge Islam revolves as the best college I must understand it at any age
The true meaning of life then Is not the career you entertain Or money to the power of ten But know and worship the Creator NOT CREATION
Summing up to my greatest fear Is dying with no Kalima whatsoever  The testimony of a true Believer


What has become of human being
Our morals swiftly eroding
While the wheel of life is rolling
But it's only desires steering

What has become of society
Living a life of no piety
Amazed by the one with honesty
Desires making decisions so faulty

Burning desires leading to sin
Rendering the world a messed ruin
Directing all ways to total damnation
Sinful desires of annihilation

Desires that bore a crooked civilization
That is referred as human salvation
Then calling Islam a backward tradition
Blind to acknowledge the ONLY solution

A clear way that has nothing but truth
A super detergent for such a filthy cloth
A religion simpler than first grade math
Which directs our DESIRES to a clear path