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Watching that image of total beauty A sweet smile innocent not naughty Allah's work will never be faulty This lady this girl  Aaah such a Mesmerizing Sweety
She's my wife don't get me wrong We're married for 20 years long But I still dedicate her this- So amazing all along For daily in my heart does she belong
The beauty the smile the eyes so cute But it's her love that I can't refute If all fades away i will stay put For her kindness, gentleness, calmness Defines our love most firm root
Need I say more to you my love You stayed when we used to starve Stayed humble after all that we have
A wife, a friend so caring so adorable Always directing to the path of Islam!!


It comes to us so silent Strikes fast like a serpent Standing, kneeling or bent Death is imminent 
If it's a life you righteously spent Or to the mosque you never went Remember you must repent Death is imminent 
We sin with all the intent Thinking Life is permanent To Allah we never pay rent Yet consider salah NOT URGENT
Malakul Maut will be sent  It's sure a hundred percent For this life is a temporary tent But  DEATH IS IMMINENT.