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Where am I heading?
What am I doing?
My brain is in constant arguing
Heedless of wherever am going

It seems am lost

Lost in the sea of desire
Lost in the darkness of pride
Lost in the jungle of life
Lost in the circle of greed

It seems am lost

I did not board the swalaah train
Instead I walked for days alone
I forgot to ask Allah for directions
Instead I believed I was not dumb

Now it seems am lost

The train station is near
I can easily go there
Allah can always hear
I can call for Him right here

But still I want to be lost

Why? Because I am chained
On a pole of false hope
On My pride and my desire
They all drown my voice

That's the sad story of how am LOST

P/S: May Allah guide all of us lost and chained by sins and desires and bring us close to Him on the straight path....