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Where am I heading?
What am I doing?
My brain is in constant arguing
Heedless of wherever am going

It seems am lost

Lost in the sea of desire
Lost in the darkness of pride
Lost in the jungle of life
Lost in the circle of greed

It seems am lost

I did not board the swalaah train
Instead I walked for days alone
I forgot to ask Allah for directions
Instead I believed I was not dumb

Now it seems am lost

The train station is near
I can easily go there
Allah can always hear
I can call for Him right here

But still I want to be lost

Why? Because I am chained
On a pole of false hope
On My pride and my desire
They all drown my voice

That's the sad story of how am LOST

P/S: May Allah guide all of us lost and chained by sins and desires and bring us close to Him on the straight path....

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This is a dedication to a new chapter in my life. A chapter of hope and struggle. A chapter filled with love, affection and some sweet bitterness.
This is a story dedicated to a budding rose. A beautiful angel. An epitome of beauty and kindness.
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I have for long struggled in the darkness of sins. In the pits of desires. Drowning in the deep evil of Iblees. That was the past and I say Alhamdulillah for now it is much more better thanks to this angel brought in my life  by Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'la).

It is rare that i sit down and write. Yet there is a push today for me to write and this time not a poem but a small appreciation. To appreciate those who motivate me; appreciate those who love me; appreciate my Religion of Islam.

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This blessing of seeing my one true love Whom I wanted to be my wife as halaal  A true representation of deen and akhlaq
I fear to see her in someone's else arms I fear her eyes adoring another man I fear her smile goes to a child not mine
Yet my fears can anytime be the truth I don't even know what I am gonna do Crying won't help to change this destiny
To hear her voice was what gave me hope To build a future with everything strong To make her happy and keep her safe
Yet I know Allah is best with His plans I never said I deny what can come I am human it justifies my weakness
This is the dangers of falling in love Falling before you resolve to marrying But yet it's not haraam to be smitten